Блоги Yuki 27.07
Such cold rain
When burns fire all;
Let summer -
Me and autumn has not forgiven.

Light of neon fires
Sounds in asphalt is vile-grey,
Night is deeper.

So, about what
And about all simultaneously.
About the past.
And about love lost - not up to the end left.

It in agonies,
And can, proceeds
So silently.

And night is dark -
to Love has given so much,
But it is a trifle, anything.
To comparison of that has received -
Only laughter of a part.

I remember drops, I remember the sounds
Shouted then in my soul,
And a smoke not consoled, but a favourite cigarette,
And an echo of tears on glass...

I know, probably, and we shall talk,
But what to you?
And I would plunge into a chasm of eyes.
Would compose verses, wrote sonnets,
And to a floorprose the pain modeled.

We so are alien, but very much are familiar.
Where you?
And I one. You sleep, is possible -
And I in embraces of night,
Near a rain,
But you, certainly, will not understand.

Forgive for everything,
It is not necessary censures;
I shall swear -
I would give everything again to find out the magic world of
Your spring eyes.
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